• Change is getting Louder

    We've been acquired by Change.org

  • Louder launched nearly five years ago, as LoudSauce, with an audacious vision: to build a world in which regular citizens have the power to choose which voices and stories are promoted.

    Today, I am thrilled to announce that Louder has been acquired by Change.org.


    We’re excited to join a global platform of more than 120 million users creating change worldwide, and work to fundamentally transform the ways in which regular people can promote the issues they care about most.
    All of our work with Louder has given us the expertise to understand the motivations and needs of the cultural organizers and amplifiers of our times, and we are so excited to help accelerate the impact of such a transformative civic platform as Change.org.


    - Colin Mutchler, Founder


    Read more about our announcement on Medium and the Change.org blog.

  • Attention is powerful

  • Together, we amplified voices that matter

    People used crowdfunded promotion through Louder to buy billboards, place ads on TV, and promote artists in newsfeeds. In turn, new fans have joined mailing lists, bought products, and became donors.

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    We got a video for Occupy Wall Street aired on Fox News as a TV ad

    Over 300 people chipped in $6,000 to help place a 30 second video direct from Zuccotti Park into home of the viewers of the O'Reilly Factor. Not only did we reach millions of TV viewers, but the campaign also generated earned media coverage from outlets like Mashable, the Atlantic, and the NY Times. 

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    We crowdfunded billboards in Times Square to promote Greek tourism

    During the Greek economic crisis in 2011, a group of Greeks from around the world came together to use Louder to fund promotion of their message to a billboard in Times Square to help promote tourism to their country. Not only did they raise the funds to place their message in front of millions on the world's most iconic location, their campaign was also covered by CNN and the NY Times.  

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    Our 'Amplify' buttons increased traffic for Upworthy & Fight for the Future

    In addition to crowdfunded promotion offline, Louder has also developed embeddable tools to enable crowd promotion online. Using a simple javascript, publishers like Upworthy and Mic, advocacy groups like Fight for the Future, and various documentary filmmakers were able to increase traffic by up to 7% by getting their users to fund promotion of their content on social media through the "Make it Louder" button.

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    We helped artist Favianna Rodriguez get new customers of her artwork

    Oakland based visual artist Favianna Rodriquez is well known in activist circles, but still needs to find new audiences that can afford to buy her art. A fan of her art work helped raise $349 to promote her art on Facebook to 46,256 new people in the Bay Area, not only generating increased engagement, but also drove 35 RSVPs to her yearly Art Salon where they could buy paintings. 

  • What if we applied crowdfunding
    to the medium of advertising?

  • The Rise of Crowd Promotion

    Over 5 years, the Louder team became experts in how to engage audiences in helping to reach completely new audiences.

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    Funding Reach

    How to make the ask

    Our experience pioneering crowdfunded advertising generated key learnings about what works to motivate people to give for this purpose. We also learned how foundations and brands can play a matching role to authentically support ideas and stories that regular people believe deserve more attention.

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    People are your story

    It is clear from effective social media and crowdfunding campaigns that people want to participate in a shared story that is bigger than themselves. While advertising has historically been used in service of top down goals for big institutions, Louder flipped the script and invited people to take back their culture.

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    Buying Attention

    Paid media that matters

    Our services helped all kinds of groups and individuals promote messages across outdoor media, national & local TV, and across social and mobile advertising. We learned the limitations of each medium, and can recommend specific tactical ways to leverage each channel to maximize impact to help reach audiences that would never have been reached otherwise.

  • Working with leaders

    Louder served groups working to unleash human potential, build just and sustainable economies, and expand empathy for historically unamplified voices.

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    Social Causes

    Great non-profits and advocacy groups focus on list building and fundraising from their faithful. However, young online supporters have become bored by repetitive asks for them to sign petitions and give money. Louder's unique approach of engaging the faithful to help reach new audiences offered a fresh ask to create specific measurable impact that expanded tribes.

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    Funders of cultural work understand the unique challenges that grantees face in getting their content seen and heard. However, directly funding ad budgets are perceived as wasteful by large segments of the social sector. Louder helped foundations find innovative ways to use philanthropic capital to promote issue priorities while also engaging communities.

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    Benefit Corporations

    As a Certified B Corp ourselves, Louder understood that business leaders are looking for new ways to engage with customers in deeper and more meaningful ways. We worked with responsible brands willing to be transparent about their challenges, and dedicate marketing resources to amplify authentic bottom up conversations that value the voices of real people.

  • Get in touch

    Are you interested in connecting with the Louder team to hear more about the lessons learned from their work using crowdfunded promotion to get more attention for voices that matter?